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Travelling around Spain


Hi Mates,

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Norway have adopted restrictive measures in respect of Spanish travellers. This makes Spain a perfect destination for Spanish travellers.

Many Spanish citizens have altered their plans and they have decided to spend some days within our own borders. Although it is also fair to say that, we are not exempt from danger here, since the government has reported that there are currently 361 active coronavirus outbreaks in Spain, with more than 4,100 associated cases.

But we will not enter into if travelling around Spain is safe or not, that issue has enough material for another article, we will only show you a beautiful place that it will be very useful, just in case you are organizing a trip for some days. Whenever we think of holidays, we imagine an exotic beach or something like that, but Spain no longer has any reason to envy other destinations.

This post is focused on showing a spectacular coastal village in Asturias, where there are a large number of small fishing ports and at the same time improve your English, since all the information I give you is in English.
Castropol, which was founded in the 14th century, is a lovely village in the west of Asturias, which was awarded by Princess of Asturias Foundation as “Exemplary Town of Asturias Award”. Besides, the Estuary of the Eo River has been declared a Partial Natural Reserve.

So, if you want to find out more about this place, click the following links.

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