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A Blog Entry-How to learn when you are an adult

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Hi Mates,

How are you today?

Today I bring you a blog entry which is really important at the language school. So, I will show you a good example.

I hope you find it interesting.

A Blog Entry-How to learn when you are an adult

How many times have I heard this lament in my life? I would have liked to study English…

So, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late.

According to a recent research, our brain learns or absorbs more information while we are babies but, they still don’t know why. I hope that this piece of news doesn’t discourage you because, you have other abilities that children don’t have. It is well known that, children have greater memory capacity and can adapt naturally to learn new things but, adult people have other amazing abilities.

Life experiences, adult people can make associations that children can’t. Sometimes, those associations come from unexpected places such as, a song you like, a conversation with a friend or maybe, from a recent trip.

Illusion, yes! You have heard well. At times, having motivations in doing things is stronger than memory. In many cases, the lack of time is fuelled by hopes.

Complex concepts, this is another advantage for adult people because they can understand more complex concepts and their associated language.

New technologies, that great unknown! New technologies can make it easier for adult people to learn whatever they want. Sometimes, it makes learning a lot of fun. Do you know enough English to get by on your holidays? Don’t worry! I am sure, that you’ll be able to learn with thousands of Apps that you can find on the Internet and you’ll get rid of your shyness with partners from around the world. You only have to get the hand of the Internet.

As you can see, learning is possible whatever your age. So, come on!  Let’s get on with it!