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One billion cases

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This is an interesting article which shows us that the number of infected cases could be highly superior in comparison with the current figures. There are more than 3 million coronavirus confirmed cases worldwide, but they could be one billion, if developed countries do not help the developing ones.

So far, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the develoving world is still low, but the number of tests that have been carried out is low too, and as well as the rest of the world, many cases have been likely undetected.

Something as simple as washing your hands is very easy for you. But what happens when there is neither water supply network, nor doctors, nor medical services? And the number of ventilators per million does not help at all. While italy counts on around 80 ventilators for every one million people, in countries such as Kenia 5 ventilators per million or in Nigeria, only 0.8 ventilator per million. But overcrowding in urban areas and malnutrition rates are also some of the negative factors to take into account.

In this article, you will also find an interesting map to know the number of confirmed cases by areas. To find out more, listen to this podcast.

Click this Link Source BBC News.