Irregular verbs – Ebook
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Irregular verbs – Ebook

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As you probably know, all languages have their own difficulties. For example, the English alphabet has 26 letters, but it has 44 different sounds.

Maybe that is the reason why English is so difficult for a lot of English learners. And what do you think about phrasal verbs? And what about irregular verbs?

Speaking of the devil, there are, more or less, two hundred irregular verbs, a true nightmare for a lot of people. But it is fair to say that, we do not use most of them. The most common used irregular verbs are BE, BECOME, CAN, DO, GET, GIVE, GO, HAVE, SAY, SEE and TAKE.

Irregular verbs come from Old English and many of them have been lost along the way to our satisfaction. Besides, many other irregular verbs have become regular, and others maintain their old and -ed form such as spoil, stink, learn or dream.

The main goal of this ebook is to have quick reference of this kind of verbs at a glance. Their different forms, infinitive, past and participle with their own meanings. Besides, you will be able to know if that verb is stative or dynamic and if it has a specific verb pattern. EVERYTHING AT A GLANCE.

What more could you ask for? I think that this ebook is an excellent help to control irregular verbs. I have always wanted to have something like this.

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