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Listening-Web Science

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Hi mates,

It’s been a long time since the last time I uploaded a video or audio to practice our listening. So, here is an interesting podcast from 6 minutes English, in which you will find several useful words to use in your writings or to suprise the examiner during your speaking exam.

According to this podcast, a new academic subject called “Web Science” studies the technology behind the internet and how people interact with each other online.

As you probably know, “Technology” is a recurrent topic at the language school, and it never hurts to learn a little more vocabulary. Besides, the technology has been really important this year, people, who normally didn’t use it, have necessarily had to adapt to these changes.

Well mates, I hope you find this posdcast as useful as I’ve done.

See you soon!!

Source 6 Minutes English-BBC Learning English.