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Report-Assessing the suitability of a hotel

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Task. B2 level.

Write about 200-220 words. At the end of this post, you will find information about the structure of a report.

My boss has requested a report to assess the suitability of a specific hotel as a possible future event venue, considering different aspects such as location, facilities and so on.

And this could well be an example…


The purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of Millennium Hotel as a possible future event venue for our company. This report contains areas such as accesibility, catering and staff.

Location and Access.

Millennium Hotel is located in a quiet place suitable for relaxing activities after meeting, surrounded by nature. Furthermore, it is easily accessible by public transport such as train and many bus lines. In contrast, it has a very limited number of parking spaces because of the huge number of conference rooms available. To solve this problem, we could book the necessary parking spaces in advance, paying a special price.


This hotel offers a satisfying range of facilities. The area comprises 25 conference rooms, each one for 250 attendees provided by all types of audiovisual and computer facilities. Besides, there are 15 40-person capacity multimedia rooms with a good acoustic. In addition, Millennium Hotel has 150 rooms and 10 suites, 5 different saunas and spas, 2 swimming pools, a huge gym, massage service, all included at least for 3 hours, in the price.


Millennium hotel also has an enviable catering service which has to be booked in advance at competitive price. Moreover, we can find 3 excellent restaurants served by professional staff who are talented sommeliers.


To sum up, Millennium Hotel suits all our needs and expectations because of the range of facilities offered in an uncomparable environment.

Structure of a Report.

A report is a formal writing concerning a particular place, situation and so on and it is merely informative. Normally it is aimed at a superior person and is written in response to a request.

There are several types of reports:

  • Assessment reports, used to evaluate a plan, person, place, etc.
  • Informative reports, which show information about a project, a meeting and so on.
  • Survey reports, which analyse information about data, surveys…
  • Proposal reports, which present future plans that need to be approved.

A report generally consists of:

  • A short introductory paragraph maybe two or three lines, a brief summary of what the report will show. To begin reports, the purpose of this report is, as requested, this report contains, this report outlines the advantages and disadvantages of…
  • A main body in which the points are developed under different subtitles using as connectors, however, in addition, particularly, therefore and many more.
  • A conclusion which summarises the information given and may include suggestions, an opinion, recommendations and so on. Some connectors that you may use are, to sum up, to conclude, in my opinion, from my point of view, it would seem that…