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World Cancer Research Day

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Every 24th September the World Cancer Research Day is commemorated and the aim of this date is to continue promoting projects and research to find help against cancer, giving a better quality of life in patients or the definitive cure of certain types of tumours.

Over the last 50-60 years, this research has brought spectacular advances in this matter. In fact, nowadays there are vaccines for certain types of cancer, new types of treatments that encapsulate the tumour to prevent it from spreading in the body or even destroy it completely. It should not be forgotten that cancer is the second leading cause of death in Europe.

The purpose of World Cancer Research Day is to continue encouraging the medical society to discover innovative techniques that can help stop or eliminate the progression of the disease. In fact, mortality has dropped 18% globally over the last 30 years, thanks to these advances, as well as changes in habits and environmental factors, often the result of public prevention policies.

Another goal pursued by World Cancer Research Day is to encourage governments around the world to promote policies that allow early detection of the disease, which in many cases failed due to the lack of resources or a bad time management, from my point of view, the most important things, right?

How can we celebrate World Cancer Research Day?

Well, in a world without Coronavirus, you could attend events where the medical community presents scientific breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. But another possibility could be to join an NGO, which provides support to both patients and their families, a fulfilling activity where everybody is better off. However, one thing that you can do without physical effort is to give visibility to this great effort that other people make, publishing information on social networks with the following hashtags.



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