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Lifelong Learning Speaking Exam

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As you probably know, this is a recurring topic which, on the other hand, it’s great, because you prepare it once, and that’s it!

On that occasion, I had to talk about the reasons why people have to study longer, sometimes, whole life. If children learn better that adult people and if the new technologies are able to help you to learn faster.
And this was the final result.

Remember! At the end of this post, you will find information about how I organize my speaking exam.

Today I’m going to show you an example of speaking exam, in which I make an introduction and try to organize the speech in different paragraphs. And my speech could be something like this.

And this could well be an example…

Hello my name is Aixa. I worked as a shop assistant in the past, but now, and due to the lack of jobs, I am unemployed, and I’d like to pass this exam to get a new one. The topic that I’ve been given today is Lifelong learning.

I am going to start this speech talking about our professional career. Because looking back, we can see that all the professions have changed, mainly due to the new technologies and they will probably keep changing throughout the years. Having a degree is no longer enough. And nowadays, many people have to take out a loan to keep studying for many years. And how come?

Well, in my opinion people are much more competitive than in the past and at the same time, jobs tend to be much more demanding. Consequently, a person needs to know about a lot of things or being the best to get a job, I mean, people have to study longer. And sometimes that is not enough to get the job of your dreams.

How many times have you heard? I would’ve liked to study English or German or Medicine.  In my opinion, It’s never too late.

And now, I’m going to continue talking about our memory capacity. Because according to a recent research, our brain absorbs more information while we are babies. But adult people have other abilities that babies don’t.

It is well known that children have greater memory capacity and can adapt naturally to learn new things but, adult people have other amazing abilities. For example, they can make associations that children can’t. And sometimes those associations come from unexpected places such as a song you like, a conversation with a friend, a recent trip, I mean, life experiences. Other advantages for adult people are complex concepts, because they can understand them better, and their associated language.

And finally, I’m going to conclude this speech talking about the new technologies. New technologies, the great unknown for many people, can help us to learn anything and make learning a lot of fun. For example, do you know enough English to get by on your holidays? Don’t worry! I am sure that you will be able to learn with hundreds of Apps that you can find on the Internet, and you’ll get rid of your shyness with partners from around the world. You will only have to get the hang of the Internet.

As you can see, learning is possible whatever your age. In fact, we could spend our whole studying.

So, come on!  Let’s get on with it!

How I organize my speaking exam.

First of all, I start my speaking exam introducing myself, giving my name and some aspects about me. This gives me the opportunity to start the speech, how come? Well, the beginning is the worst part in a speaking exam, at least for me. I am always afraid to get blocked and if I have something prepared, I don’t find it so difficult. I usually begin with something like that;

Hello, my name is Aixa, I worked as a/an blabla in the past but now I am unemployed and I’d like to pass this exam to get a new job. The topic that I’ve been given today is learning languages or gentrification or whatever…

And I have already spent 30 second…

After that, I divide the speech in paragraphs, depending on the points I have to cover. I try to start all the paragraphs with the different introductions which I have highlighted and shown in bold.  All these tricks help me to make a structure of the speech. I know that there are a lot of people who don’t need to do something like that, but I really get nervous in an exam and I need to do all this process to be more confident.

I recommend you repeat this process with all the topics you can. Remember that you only have a few minutes to do this in an exam.

I saw this trick in a YouTube video in the past and it has been really useful for me.

Besides, as you can see through my writings, I have some paragraphs that I use in different writings. That is because, I think it is a good idea to develop this kind of paragraphs to cope those moments when you are stuck. I addition, that is a really good opportunity to excel in vocabulary and pronunciation.

I hope this trick is really useful for you as well.

Good luck! or Break a leg!