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Our unprotected health professionals.

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The latest data show that Spain registers 5,252 new cases, this is an increase of 2.8 percent, making a total of 188,068 positives. Regarding the death toll, there have been 585 more, 19,478 deaths in total in Spain. The number of cured also continues to grow with 3,502 more than the previous day, 72,963 people recovered in total.

Yesterday, the head of neurosurgery at Madrid’s Puerta del Hierro hospital, Dr Jesús Vaquero, died having contracted the coronavirus. This increases the number of healthcare professionals in Spain that have passed away with Covid-19 to 7, more than 20 in Spain, of which 14 practiced in Primary Care. Emilio Úcar Corral, the medical director of the Universitario Santa Cristina in Madrid, also died yesterday.

The Nursing council has condemned the contagion by coronavirus of sanitary people, attributed to the chaotic and absolutely uncoordinated management of the Government. In fact, the Health Ministry has ordered the withdrawal of a batch of more than 350,000 defective masks that were distributed to health centers throughout Spain. After testing them, it was determined that they do not meet the criteria to protect healthcare professionals from the possible penetration of the coronavirus.

According to CCOO union, there are more than 28,000 infected health professionals, so it is urgent to establish a special procedure in these sectors. This union urges the Government to recognize their casualties as work accidents.

While, the number of infected cases keep on growing.