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How to write a report-Structure.

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Hi Mates,

This time I bring you a useful guide to write a report. I think it is an excellent way to practice your writing. Remember that it is highly probable to find a report in an exam. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

Structure of a report.

A report is a formal writing concerning a particular place, situation, etc. It is merely informative and normally, it is aimed at a superior person and written in response to a request.

There are several types of reports:

  • Assessment reports, used to evaluate a plan, person, place, etc.
  • Informative reports, which show information about a project, a meeting and so on.
  • Survey reports, which analyse information about data, surveys…
  • Proposal reports, which present future plans that need to be approved.

A report generally consists of:

  • A short introductory paragraph maybe two or three lines, a brief summary of what the report will show. To begin reports, the purpose of this report is, as requested, this report contains, this report outlines the advantages and disadvantages of, this report is written to assess…
  • A main body in which the points are developed under different subtitles using as connectors, however, in addition, particularly, therefore…
  • A conclusion which summarises the information given and may include suggestions, an opinion, recommendations and so on. Some connectors that you may use are, to sum up, to conclude, in my opinion, from my point of view, it would seem that…

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