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Zoos. For and Against Essay.

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Hi Mates,

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I have been very busy with my exams and I will be taking the final very soon. So I’ll take the opportunity to leave something interesting here. How about an essay?

Task. B1 level.

Write a for and against, about 120-150 words.

Some people think that zoos are an excellent place to learn about the animal kingdom, but others, on the contrary, believe that zoos should be banned. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Every year more and more people visit zoos around the world. It is a good way to know different kinds of animals from all the countries without moving or taking risk. But zoos can have both, advantages and disadvantages.

One of the advantages of the zoos is that it is the opportunity to see wild animals in a safe environment for people. In addition, it can be an educational activity you can enjoy with family and children love. Another advantage is that vets can learn about animals and their habitats. Furthermore, zoos help endangered species to avoid their extinction.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages. Firstly, lack of freedom, animals are sad because they are not free and live in an unnatural habitat. Secondly, animals have a high rate of reproductive problems due to their confinement. And additionally, taking care of the natural habitats of these animals would actually cost less than caring for them in a zoo.

To sum up, zoos are suitable places where children can also learn about animal kingdom. However, some people say that they should be banned. Then, we should make ourselves the following question, are zoos really necessary?

PS; This is just an example of a writing and not always they express what I really think. You should know that sometimes some topics are really controversial. Although I recommend you to personalize your works such as, speakings, writings and so on. You will find it easier to do them.

Structure of an Essay

A discursive essay is a piece of formal writing which is focused on discuss a particular situation or problem and you may find three types of discursive essays:

  • For and Against essays which present both sides of an issue or situation discussing points in favour of a particular topic as well as those against.
  • Opinion essays which present the writer’s personal opinion concerning the topic given.
  • Essay suggesting solutions to problems, in which the writer analyses the problems associated with a particular issue or situation.

An essay generally consists of:

  • A short introductory paragraph, maybe two or three lines, a brief summary of what the essay will show, but you only could express your opinion in this point, if it is an opinion essay.
  • A main body with different ideas separated into paragraphs, giving examples or reasons, pros and cons, suggestions and solutions and so on. There are a lot of interesting connectors to use such as, on the one hand, on the other hand, in addition, furthermore, besides, apart from, however, nevertheless, the fact that and so on.
  • A closing paragraph summarising the main points of the essay to reaffirm the ideas, giving your opinion using connector such as, in conclusion, on balance, to sum up, it is my belief, I firmly believe, etc.

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