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TXTNG, a new language

Hi Mates,

Long time no see! How’s everything going there?

This year is being frantic to me due to I decided to get back to school. What confinement makes us do!

Because of that, I did not have much time to create new posts, but I did not leave it aside altogether. I have been looking at new materials, very interesting indeed, to show you on my website later.

So, let’s get to the point… I am anxious to start. Some questions…

Do you think that the new trend to use acronyms in social networks is affecting language in any way?

Could the meaning of acronyms change over time?

Are you one of those who use acronyms to communicate with others?

Do you think there is a connection between how we speak and how we write?

Could it really affect the way we communicate with each other?

Probably, you could find this kind of questions in an oral exam, it would be great to have some of them prepared, just in case.

Find out the answers to all these questions watching the following video perform by John McWhorter who teaches linguistics, philosophy, and music history at Columbia University, and writes for various publications on language issues and race. In addition, he is the author of a numerous of books.

See you soon, Mates!

Source TED.

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