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Improve your listening skill

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Hi Mates,

What skill do you find most difficult when it comes to learning English? It has always been the listening skill for me. And from my humble opinion, I think that it does not only depends on the accent of the interlocutor, other factors can also interfere, such as the environment in which it was recorded (I still remember an English exam audio recorded in a pet shop, I understood nothing), it may also be that the vocabulary level is not according to your level, or that the spoken English is very different from yours. The topic is also important, and in my case, it also depends on the day, if I have got out of bed on the wrong side.

From the first day that I started studying English, my teacher has assured me that the best way to improve my listening is by watching series or movies in English, giving it everything, without subtitles. To this day, she keeps on saying the same.

My experience watching series and movies, it could be summed up in three words, slowly but surely. But one thing is clear, I understand more and more every day, although sometimes, I feel quite frustrated at the end of an episode when I see that much of what I have understood is thanks to gestures and the sequence of images, but others I feel delighted because I am able to see good results. Be that as it may, and doing what my teacher has told me ad nauseam, I am firmly believe that, watching series and movies can improve your listening skill.

In addition, I count on the invaluable help of a reader for this publication, who kindly sent me this interesting link, in which we can see that watching series and movies is a widely used method.

In this link we can see that there are spaces that can help us to watch movies or series that suits our level.

I hope you enjoy watching series and movies this summer.

Have a nice summer!

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